International Juried Show with Awards

Curated & Juried by Yuko Nii & Terrance Lindall


Gerardo Alfonso
Linda Andrus
Stephen Auslender
Esther Azar
Grace Azar
John Azelvandre
Ayako Bando
Bienvenido Bones Banez
Nell Bernegger
Doug Beube
Linda Billet
Orin Buck
Luis Caraos
Marie-Dolma Chophel
Irene Cohen
Laura Conliffe
Stephen Crawford
Linda DeLaney-Paleias
Val Dyshlov
Robert Egert
Sandra Forest
Carmen Frank
Troy Frantz
Stephanie Gallison
Matthew Garcia
Wendy Giminski
Randy Globus
Ric Globus
Barbara Habenstreit
Len Harris
Lannie Hart-Lewis
Richard Hatter
Natsuko Hattori
Aimee Hertog
Miho Hiranouchi
Paul Hitchen
Steven Driscoll Hixson
Stephen Hoffman
Tom Hooper
Sarah Horvat
Natalia Isaenko
Akihiro Ito
Susan Jacobs
Sam Jungkurth
Richard Karp
Tamiko Kawata
Marty Klein
Richard Koh
Yuko Kondo
Frank Krasicki
Kent Krugh
Estelle Levy
Jeremy Buck Lewis
Nan Liu
Drew Maillard
Greg Maillard
Ellen Mandelbaum
Basha Maryanska
Kenichi Nakajima
Harry Newman
Janice Patrignani
Carmen Perfido
Sally Pitt (Perlman)
Yupin Pramotepipop
Jennifer Primosch
Renée Radenberg
Clair Jean Satin
Julie Joy Saypoff
Larry Scaturro
Barbara Schiller
Gloria Schuster
Jen Siegrist
Joel Simpson
Sandra Sitron
Linda Smith
Adam Sperling
Jenifer Stern
Larry Szycher
Agniesska Szyfter
Kwan Yuen Tam
Hisami Taniguchi
Peter Tilgner
Toru Tokashiki
Katherine Toukhy
Sam Tufnell
Jania Vanderwerff
Shenna Vaughn
Jeff Watts
Courtney Weida
Mary Westring
Takuya Yamauchi

The Grand Events of
Saturday, October 27


6–8 pm: GALA DINNER ☛Admission: General $35, Artists $30
with music by vocalist Nora McCarthy & pianist Joshua Wolff
AWARDS TO BE ANNOUNCED, both cash and purchase awards

Nora McCarthy
Nora MacCarthy

8:30–10:30 pm: THEATER ☛Admission: General $15, Artists $10
“OCEAN FLOATERS” An excursion through family heritage with script, music & songs by Peter Dizozza
with an exhibition of artwork, THE HOLOGRAPHIC SEA CAFE by Sam Moree

☛ Special Price: dinner/entertaiment & theater combined: General: $45, Artists: $40

Related Events

Fri & Sat, Nov 2 & 3, 8–10 pm: THEATER ☛Admission: $15

Fri & Sat, Nov 16 & 17, 8–9:30 pm: DANCE PERFORMANCE ☛Admission: $15
“INTIMATE” by The Indelible Dance Company

Fri, Nov 30, 8–11 pm: DANCE PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE ☛Admission: General $15, Artists $12
curated by Yana Schnitzler

Sat, Dec 1, 8–11 pm: MUSIC PERFORMANCE ☛Admission: $15

  • Jason Smeltzer on theremin & Wayne Smith on piano and video artist Bob Bowen
  • House of Waters
  • Circular Time
  • A surprise guest group

People often say that it takes at least 15 years to make an organization grow and mature. The not- for- profit WAH Center (Williamsburg Art & Historical Center) took 16 years to come this far while learning many lessons along the way.
The WAH Center has endeavored to fulfill the founder’s “Bridge Concept” - the idea of which is to coalesce diverse artistic   communities and create a global bridge with emerging and established artists of all disciplines. We hope that our programs have inspired, educated and entertained the public at large, and we wish to express our sincere thanks to those kind supporters who had faith in the WAH Center’s unique mission and helped us grow. All of the noble ideas of "WAH" will be reminded, for WAH in Japanese means  "Peace, Harmony and Unity.”

So, this fall we celebrate what the WAH Center has cultivated over the years and also what nature has provided in the harvest. Housed in a New York City and National Landmark, the WAH Center will offer this fall not only a fine art show but also a Gala Dinner and various performance programs for The Sweet 16th Anniversary Harvest Celebration. In this spirit, our Grand Harvest provides an opportunity for outstanding artists to showcase work to new audiences in Williamsburg, a prominent art community in Brooklyn, New York and to national and international visitors from around the world.

Theme: Celebrating the WAH’s harvest of “produce” by artists and the achievements of the WAH Center. Plus, how do artists envision the greening or re-greening of the world? What technologies do artists envision to assure the crops and foods for tomorrow from earth and sea? What harvest can you bring to share this autumn?

Letter of congratulations from Brooklyn Burrough President Marty Markowitz our Sweet 16th Anniversary

16th Birthday Wishes

Grand Harvest Opening Shots, 10/27/12 Dec 6, 2012 photos: 34

Harvest Main Gallery Shots, 11/6/12 Dec 6, 2012 photos: 39

Grand Harvest Small Gallery Shots, 11/6/12 Dec 6, 2012 photos: 8

Grand Harvest Reception Hall Shots, 11/6/12 Dec 6, 2012 photos: 9

GRAND HARVEST FESTIVAL - Musical Play, Ocean Floaters, 11/2/12 Nov 25, 2012 photos: 18

Grand Harvest Show Award Recipients
October 27- December 16, 2012

The 16th Anniversary Grand Harvest Award for Excellence

Photography 1) Susan Jacob
  2) Marty Klein
  3) Joel Simpson
Painting 1) Sam Jungkurth – Cash Award
  2) Linda Smith – Cash Award
  3) Val Dyslov
  4) Larry Szycher
Watercolor 1) Geraldo Alfonso – Cash Award
Printmaking 1) Mary Westring
Sculpture 1) Lannie Hart
  2) Sam Tufnell
  3) Tamiko Kawata
Book Art 1) Doug Buebe
Glass 1) Renee Radenberg
  2) Ellen Mandelbaum
  3) Linda Billet

The 16th Anniversary Grand Harvest Emerging Artists Award

Watercolor 1) Katherin Toukhy
Fiber 1) Hisami Taniguchi
  2) Natsuko Hattori
Sculpture 1) Akihiro Ito
  2) Kenich Nakajima

The 16th Anniversary Grand Harvest Curators’ Choice Award

Watercolor 1) Drew Maillard (Cash Award)
Painting 1) Bien Venido Banez (Cash Award)
  2) Tom Hooper (Cash Award)
Sculpture 1) Julie Joy Saypoff (Cash Award)
Glass Mosaic 1) Sandra Forest
Photography 1) Richard Hatter

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, New York USA