Open Call for BOOK ART Show

Tri-Fold: New Perspectives on Book Art

October 12 – November 27, 2010

Opening Reception: Tues. Oct.12, 6-8 PM


Deadline for Entries: AUGUST 31, 2010


Book Making is nothing new. It's been done for centuries. But in the past 10 years or so, more noticeably than ever, the book is being used as a medium for various artistic expressions, and has become one of the expanding contemporary art categories. This exhibit explores and expands upon the idea in an OPEN CALL.

* The show is a collaborative project with 3 different individual curators ( 2 outside curators who select their own artists’ works and a juror/curator from the WAH Center who selects from the Open Call entries).

Work accepted in the following subject categories:

1) ARTIST BOOKS: An "artist’s book" or book art is a work of art, visual or conceptual in nature that refers to books or the idea of the book. It is not illustrations done for books. They are "objects (or sculpture) which have been inspired by, or heavily influenced by "the idea of the book."

2) ARTISTS SKETCH BOOKS, DIARIES, PHOTO ALBUMS, etc., being used as a medium for various expressions to make it into creative “Artist Books,” expanding beyond the original sketchbooks or diaries or photo albums themselves. They are as a unit a work of art, not just a collection of random sketches or diaries or photographs…meaning that they in themselves are intended from the initial beginning as a work of art and can be read as a cohesive object. 

Work in the above two categories can be abstract, conceptual, surreal, visionary, any style. Looking for inspirational avant-garde submissions.

Please submit entry form, images, resume and artist statement by e mail:

Download application form: Word doc

Fill out the Word doc and email it back to us, or copy the form below and paste it into an email and send that to us.

Book Art Entry Form

Deadline, August 31, 2010




Phone: Home__________________Cell___________________Fax______________

E-mail ___________________________ Web-site____________________________



Date___________________Sale Price________________ NFS___________________

#2: Title_______________________________________________________________

Medium________________________________________ Size___________________

Date ___________________Sale Price________________NFS___________________


The WAH Center may sell the above work at the stated sale price and keep as commission 25 % of the sale price.

Insurance coverage during the duration of the exhibition and the installation and de-installation period: All works will be insured against fire damage or loss for the amount indicated on the entry form and the final Exhibition Consignment Agreement Form we'll send to you less the commission as it would be paid to the artist(s) when the work had sold. Work marked NFS has to indicate a retail price in the inventory. The insurance value should be based upon the actual price of a similar work sold in the past, if no record is available upon the wholesale price = retail minus commission.


I, the artist, have understood the above and agree to hold the WAH Center harmless in case of damage or loss of my artwork and I understand that the gallery will do its utmost to avoid either.


Artistʼs Signature ________________________________ Date_____________

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