Photonic Sculptural Movement

October 13, 2007 at 8 pm

Artists: Yana Schnitzler's Human Kinetics Movement Arts and Joel Simpson,
plus readings by Urayoán Noel, Carol Novack, Elizabeth Smith, Eric Darton and Nora Simpson;
video by Orin Buck and music by Peter Knoll

Dancers move slowly stretching fabric between them, onto which is project a series of patterns, including wood, geologicals, botanicals, street grids, buildings, murals, et al.

Media wizzard/digital photo artist Vincent Versace has said, "Patterns are interesting, but a pattern interrupted is more interesting." This show proves it. Joel Simpson projects a series of compelling patterns he's collected from rotting wood, ordovician stratigraphy, whalebone, erotic and cosmological ice, riotiously branching fungus, exploding thistle seeds, NY street grids, D. C. architecture, Williamsburg murals and more onto the slowly evolving movements of Yana Schnitzler's dancers, as they extend their bodies to stretch a white fabric between them. The result is spellbinding: rocks sprout pseudopods, a fossilized armadillo shell produces arms, the Capitol building takes on the female form. The slides progress from beautiful to stunning to sublime to hilarious in a completely original exploration of form.

The program is filled out with a lineup of talented writers, whose dedicated followers from poetry clubs and
know their compelling powers. This is the first time they will be performing at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in conjunction with Joel Simpson's photography show Sun Pictures to Mega-Pixels: Archaic Process and Digital Process Photography, which features 120 artists. Also on the program are video by Orin Buck and music by multi-stylist guitarist Peter Knoll.


Photonic Sculptural Movement with projections by Joel Simpson, featuring Yana Schnitzler's Human Kinetics Dance Troupe, plus readings by poet Urayoán Noel (Kool Logic), novelist Eric Darnton (Free City), writer-artist Elizabeth Smith (Modern Buckaroos' Guide to the Western World), Carol Novack (editor,, and Nora Simpson; music by multi-stylist/experimental guitarist Peter Knoll, plus video by Orin Buck
Saturday, October 13, 2007, 8pm, $10



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