Artist List

Alper, Max Victor
Altera, Bina
Anderson-Staley, Keliy 
Arthurs, Madelein Hope
Bailey, Christine
Baldwin, Jason
Bassis, Aileen
Belcher, Alyson
Blinebury, Beth
Bocci, Roberto
Bowen, Susan
Buck, Orin
Brooks, John Oliver
Chalmers, Stephen
Choquette-Raphael, Colleen
Clark, Rebecca
Colville, Christopher
Conway, Beverly
Danzig, Steve
Davis, Sandra
Delooza, Tom
Dezarn, Dan
Diorio, Ron
Dodson, Liz
Dyer, Jeremy
Ernst-Bifano, Sheila
Ferguson, Jesseca
Fiore, Chris
Flueckiger, Carol Fitzgerald
Forster, Angela
Fugere, Jackie
Griffith, Sherry
Grossenbacher, Jane
Gubin, Dmitry
Hodge, Chris
Holm, Anni
Jaffe, Barbara
Jantzen, Ellen
Jenny, Barbara Rita
Johnmeyer, Andrew J.
Johnson, Eric Anthony
Kankiewicz-Arkins, Sarah
Kaufman, Jessica M
Kapoor, Jan
Kieser, Katrina Victoria
Kirkpatrick, Catherine
Kirkwood, Meghan
Klein, S. Kaye
Kline, Kevin Charles
Krajnak, Tarrah S.
Krieger, Alex
LaGrone, Roy
Leven, Barbara
Libby, Jennifer
Lizardo, Carmen
Lloyd, Nancy
Loeb, Thomas
Longo, Anne
Louviere & Vanessa
Maggiotto, John
Manning, Patrick Craig
Marc, Stephen
Mariano, Pauline
Marshall, Michael
Maxwell, Allan
May, Jeanette
Mazzeo, Michael
Mezzanotte, Thomas
Miller, Brian P.
Moore, Brad Michael
Mozes, Laura
Mundy, Owen
Murphy, Jeffrey
Murray-Meyer, Rachel
Muslin, Lee
Ochs, Steven
Osterman, Mark
Paine, Howard
Payusova, Yana Alexandrovna
Phillips, Jaye R
Pranckunaite, Rasa
Preston, Maggie
Rabinowitz, Monica
Reddig, Lisa
Reilly, Molly
Robins, Michele
Roz, Emily
Rudel, John
Saint-Denis, Pauline
Sarsgard, John
Sauer, Amanda
Schlosser, Julia
Schreiner, Charles
Schwitters, Lis J. 
Scully-Osterman, France
Scullion, Sean
Serbin, Vincent
Shand, Rhona
Silberg, Steven H
Simpson, Joel
Stein, Harvey
Stern, Marilyn
Sternbach, Joni
Swanson, Rebecca
Swatko, Juliana
Taubman, Eric
Taylor, Maggie
Tinker, Amanda
Uelsmann, Jerry
Vinokurov, Bryce
Wanless, Marydorsey 
Watkins, Benjamin
Westheimer, William
Wetzel, Heather
Williams, Jennifer
Zack, Connie
Zinn, Zelda

Sun Pictures to MegaPixels:
Archaic Process & Digital Process

Curated by Joel Simpson

September 29 to November 4, 2007

Opening 4–6pm Saturday, Sept. 29
Hours: Friday–Saturday–Sunday, noon to 6 pm

117 artists
265 works

Special Performance
Saturday, October 13, 2007, 8pm, $10

Photonic Sculptural Movement

Projections by Joel Simpson, featuring Yana Schnitzler's Human Kinetics Dance Troupe, plus readings by poet Urayoán Noel (Kool Logic), novelist Eric Darnton (Free City), writer-artist Elizabeth Smith (Modern Buckaroos' Guide to the Western World), Carol Novack (editor,, and Nora Simpson; music by multi-stylist/experimental guitarist Peter Knoll, plus video by Orin Buck >>more information

Ranging from the elegant to the elemental and from the comically subversive to the evocatively surreal, this large photography show reopens the cavernous Williamsburg Art and Historical Center after its two-year closure for rennovations.

The show reflects the present exceptional juncture in photographic history. Dedicated artists are pushing technical boundaries in two directions: back towards the early chemical techniques and forward using digital technology invented just the day before yesterday. The result has been an imaginative explosion that has expanded photography beyond its standard role of authentic recorder of reality. In the hands of these adventurous artists it becomes a magical brush that uses reality to paint their dreams.

This show, three years in the making, takes the pulse of these developments. It features well-known artists such as pioneer montagist Jerry Uelsman and his wife digital innovator Maggie Taylor, archaic process prophet Mark Osterman, digital imagineer Steve Danzig, and process wizard Thomas Mezzanotte. But it also features brillant artists who are just beginning to receive critical attention, and many relative unknowns whose work is a revelation. You'll see photographs in floor collages, baking pans, mirrors, and a wheel of fortune; daguerrotypes, ambrotypes, collodions and platinums; fresh perspectives on the figure, landscapes, fantasied and real biology, portraiture, everyday objects, abstractions, history and prehistory. The artists come from across the US, as well as Canada and Australia.

Joel Simpson has been photographing since 1960 through careers in academia (teaching college English, French and Italian) and jazz piano. He produced the Dick Hyman Century of Jazz Piano CD-ROM in 1999, while living in New Orleans. After returning to the New York area in 2000, he began writing art criticism and showing his fine art photography in area galleries beginning in 2002. The Sun Pictures to Mega-Pixels show was conceived in 2004.

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The WAH Center needs volunteers to help keep their shows open. If you can help to staff the Center during the Sun Pictures to Mega-Pixels photography show, Sept. 30 – Nov 4, Friday-Sat-Sun from noon to 6 please call Joel Simpson, 908-686-9539 or send him an email at with VOLUNTEER in the subject heading.

Artists and art students may find this experience especially instructive in addition to the likelihood of meeting key people in the art and photography world who will be visiting the show.

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