Opening Reception Sat. 9/7/02 4-6 P.M.


List of Artists as of 8/19/02

Sergio Aguilar
Steve Aishman
Olga Alexander
Ralph Almeida
Rikki Asher
Eileen Aubi
Marjorie Auerbach
Roseanne Backstedt
LaThoriel Badenhausen
Beth Bailis
Joyce Barrow
Karin Batten
Mel Beach
Fran Beallor
Sheila Benedis
Siri Berg
Irv Berger
Helen H. Bergman
Meredith Bergmann
Chris Besser
Valerie Besser
G. Sampson Bieberich
Shirley Bloomfield
Suzann Bloomfield
Gina Boldt
Claire Boren
Mary Brafman
Uli Brahmst
Lynn Dreese Breslin
Anne Brody
Stephanie Brody-Lederman
Florence Brownridge
Willi Bucher
Melissa Buford
Thomas Callahan
Sherry Camhy
Juli Carlton
Miguel Carnejo
Miranda Cassel
Luigi Castiglioni
Alexandra Charletta
Cecil Chong
Irene Christensen
Diane Churchill
Chris Clarke
Nance Cooley
Ray Cornell
Lois D. Cosola
Ersilia Zaccaro Crawford
Mallory Cremin
Pedro Cruz Castro
Dan Curran
Patricia Dahlman
Yolanda Daliz
Diane Deneroff
Paula DeLuccia
Claudia Demonte
Carmen Einfinger
Barbara Ellmann
Harriet Ellner
Beverly Ellstrand
Maria Epes
Anna Evangelista
Eduardo Fausti
Agnes Feher
Adriana Felea
Elan Ferguson
Michael Filan
Karen Fitzgerald
Pamela Flynn
Elaine Forrest
David Fraga
Stephen Franescini
Pam Friday
Charles Galligan
Kristin Gjerdset
Virginia Glessner
Gwen Aranya Goertzel
Caroline Golden
Janet Goldner
Silvianna Goldsmith
Claude Goodwin
Kay Gordon
Brian Gormley
Roberto Grande
Jennie Grapper
Theresa Greenberg
Norma Greenwood
Clara Gresham
Valerie Gresham
Chris Griffin
Mary Grigoriadis
Joan Grubin
Annie Guastella
Katia Gushue
Helene Ha
Annelise Jarvis Hansen
Sarah Hauser
Marion Held
David Herman
Thom Heyer
Eileen Hoffman
Sheila Hori
Susan Hostetler
Monica Howden
Shirley Howells
Rosalee Isaly
Isabella Jacob
Bobbie Jansen
Jeanne Janson
Suejin Jo
Mary Katz
Charma Katzman
Mildred Kaye
Wanda Kilodzies
Ralf Kopp
Olivia Korringa
Robert Kosinski
Lynne Kroll
Katie Kuan
Joseph Laurence
Num Yi Lee
Gwyneth Leech
Miriam Lefkowitz
Donna Levinstone
Eve Lewarne
Judi Lewis
Sharon Libes
Ellen Linde-Nielsen
Allan Linder
Meredith Lippman
S. Liu
Barbara Lubliner
Helen Lurye
Muriel Maida
Judith Mamiye
C. Mandros
Elaine Marinoff
Harriet Regina Marion
China Marks
Heidi Marston
Emily Martin
Donna Marxer
J. Masi
Pamela Matsuda-Dunn
Bertram H. Matysik
Dr. Gerd Matysik
Rebecca McCloskey
Cameron McMunn-Coffran
Kathleen A. McSherry
Julie Meetal
Nina Meledandri
Nilda Mesa
John Joseph Meyerhofer
Charles Meyers
Robin Middleman
Angela Milner
Myrna Minter-Forster
Kikue Miyatake
Arlene Mollow
Nonnie Moore
Donna Moran
Jeffery Moreau
Allison Morrell
Susan Mueller
Gabriella Muha
Lee Muslin
Kim Na
Magdalena Nemesh
Sarah Nind
Carrie Nixon
Janell O’Rourke
Yuko Okamoto
Jenny Olivera
Amy Olson
Helga S. Orthofer
Marcelle Harwell Pachowski
Eun Hee Park
Janice Y. Patton
Debra Pearlman
Cade Pemberton
Rita Perrin
Rocco Anthony Pesce
Lili Pintea-Reed
Carmen Pitz
Phyllis Plattner
Ellen Pliskin
Michael Poast
Rose Poast
Emilio Prado
Helen Burdon Price
Herbert Price
Jennifer Primosch
Carol Radsprecher
Helaine Rainier
Debra Ramsay
Kyler Randal
Remedios Rapoport
Naima Rauam
Lynda Ray
Anne Raymond
Brandon Reynosa
Elizabeth Riley
Oswaldo Rodriguez
Moses Ros
Phyllis F. Rosser
Giuseppe Marco Rossi
Michael Ruffo
Robert Russell
Peter Ruta
Marilyn Savetsky
Theresa Scalzi
Aine Scannell
Meredith Schlein
Laurel Schoolar
Dorothy Schulman
Ron Scolastico
Assunta Sera
Robert Seyffert
Regina Silvers
Margaret Smithglass
Helaine Soller
Mario Sostre
Dorothy Spalter
Ellen Stavitsky
Susanna Stefanachi
Claudia Sterling
Ron Sterling
Cindy Stimmel
Ival Stratford-Kouner
Leonard Streckfus
Zupash Tareen
Elyse Taylor
Jennifer Williams Terpstra
Kay Thompson
Suzianne Tomlinson
Ray Torresyap
Marilyn Turtz
Chris Twomey
Judith Uehling
Antoinette Ulrich
Teressa Valla
Jane Van Werff
John Ventimiglia
Grazia Vita
Chao Vue
Nancy Ward
Shawn Washburn
Marcy Wasserman
Scain Weaver
Joan Webster-Price
Lisa Deloria Weinblatt
Jody Widelitz
Nolan Winkler
Marsha G. Yerman
Nancy Zurendo


organized by Nilda Mesa
Over 350 artists respond to the World Trade Center disaster.

The Unity Canvas is an artist-to-artist, New York-based, collective response to the tragedy of 9/11 and the times we live in. Artists submitted 12-inch squares of unstretched canvas, in any medium they chose (e.g., paint, digital, embroidery). Word about the project spread on the Internet and through word of mouth. The pieces reflect the artists' responses to 9/11 and all its horror, sadness, anger and grief, as well as the times since. About 300 pieces have been received so far from every region of the United States, as well as all over the world. Some of the other countries represented include Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia and Spain. The project has received fiscal sponsorship from the New York Foundation of the Arts.

Group show that expresses what artists think about world peace after the events of 9/11/01
with Daniel Borlandelli, Linda Chido, Ed Coppola, Michael Cuomo, “Liberty George” Dukov, Aaron Fein, Melina Finkelstein, Milton Fletcher, David Griffin, Sheryl Humphrey, Patricia Mantil, Edward Monovich, Vivian Nantel, Dean Radinovsky, Liane Ricci, Tasneem Shahzad, Jaswant Singh, James Smith, Gary Spradling, Tattfoo Tan, Miguel Tio, Eric Weil

Sheryl Humphrey

Sheryl Humphrey

Randi Barros

Randi Barros

Black & white photography by Randi Barros
The day after the tragedy of September 11th, Randi set out to document what people were doing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

organized by Phyllis Yampolsky
A visual forum to find out what a community of people "large or small" think about an issue "large or small." Viewers will get a chance to write on the "Town Wall."

organized by Ziporah Lax
Public is invited to contribute "memory jars" relating to the tragedy of 9/11.

digital/video installations curated by Sung Soo Kim
with Elizabeth Cohen, Heung-Mo-Kim, Sung Soo Kim, Kristine Marx, Sherry Mayo, Leah Oates, Rachel Owens

The works in "Parallel World of Sensation" address social identities, informal mediums, and events. Not only through their physicality, but also through the overcoming of their own physical limitations, the works exist in a state of flux between virtuality and actuality (or, between the virtual and the real). The artists in this exhibition, intrigued by both process and perception, have manifested their ideas in various new forms. The artists move beyond simple definitions of art forms to investigate the world. Formal means and value systems are presented not as hierarchical, but in co-existence with one another. Although time and site are important components in the pieces, the works reach beyond the physicality of the space as they define a new situation -- a world parallel to that of sensation.

Join BRAVE DESTINY surrealist show September 2003

Made possible in part by grants from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Independence Community Foundation
and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz

Gallery Hours: Saturday & Sunday 12- 6 P.M.
Directions: L train to Bedford Ave. Sta., & walk South to Broadway or
J or M Train to Marcy Ave. Sta. & walk West on Broadway

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