Why Not?

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Why not? It’s hard to ask why and scrutinize over answers, and it’s nerve-wracking to try and find a ‘why’. Yet a group of select few that have the courage to simply answer ‘why not’, they stand out from the crowd. In Pop Goes The Weasel, there seems to be no boundaries. Nothing is out […]

Pop Goes the Weasel

An exhibition that asks the question “Why Not?” Closing Event: Indian dancer Sahasra Sambamoorthi Sunday, May 13th at 4 PM.

JART8th at the WAH Center

On Friday March 2nd, despite the terrible cold and the storm, the exhibition space of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center was filled with art lovers as well as artists themselves. Some only came from the next borough over, some flew all the way from Tokyo, Japan, to participate in and witness the JART8th show, […]


JART8th Japanese Emerging Artists Exhibition
Japanese Emerging Artists Exhibition 
March 2 – 11, 2018 Opening Reception: Friday, March 2nd, 6–8pm

19th Annual WAH Salon Show – Opening video

19th Annual WAH Salon Show
PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Kayo Albert, David Arthur-Simons, Stephen Auslender, Silvia Aviles, Ayako Bando, Bienvenido Banez, Carole Barlowe, Tomek Bogacki, Beryl Brenner, Orin Buck, Linda Butti, Leandro Comrie, Christopher Craig, Theresa DeSalvio, Val Dyshlov, Jaleh Fazel, Santiago Flores-Charneco, Sandra Forrest, Debra Friedkin, Jeffrey Friedkin, Naoaki Funayama, Glen Goodenough, Susan Handwerker, Richard Hatter, Natsuko Hattori, Iku Higuchi, Halona […]